The Best Way to Plan Your Summer Getaway


It's summer time, and that means fun, sun and summer vacation! 

We started Adventure Assist to help people plan for, stay organized during, and relive their dream trips long after they have returned home. Everything we do is to better connect travelers to their destination - we designed a travel notebook, based on hundreds of our personal travel experiences, to efficiently assist you throughout your next adventure.

Make the Most of Your Summer Getaway:

  • Streamline your travel planning and lose your anxiety
  • Save time & effort accessing your travel info
  • Relive every travel detail with a beautiful keepsake
  • Lightweight, durable & travel-friendly so that you can take it anywhere
  • Flexible enough for any length of trip
  • 7 tabbed travel sections - Packing, To Do, Transportation, Accommodations, Calendar, Contacts, Journal
  • 100% money back guarantee

So, if you're anything like us and itching for an exciting summer getaway, we've got you covered!

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