Traveling to Europe — Pros and Cons of Each Season

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Traveling to Europe is an amazing opportunity and one we recommend everybody experiences at least once in their life. There is so much history, you can see several different countries and cultures easily and essentially everywhere is geared to make traveling convenient and simple.

Determining when to travel to Europe is a personal decision, and really any season is worth it, but to help you figure out when you should plan your trip, Adventure Assist put together a few pros and cons to traveling to Europe in each season. Whichever you choose, be sure to get our travel notebook to help plan and organize your trip and store all your memories in one tangible place that you can hold on to forever!



This can be a beautiful time of the year to soak in all the history and incredible aspects of Europe. The ancient streets and historic buildings sparkle with lights and much of Europe celebrates Christmas, but with their own traditions and touches on the holiday. Vienna has a full variety of operas and Germany has the country’s largest Christmas market in Nuremberg. There are fewer crowds and so you can experience Europe without the mad rush of tourists everywhere.


Like winter pretty much anywhere that’s not along the equator, it’s going to be cold. You’ll definitely have to make your way through the snow and rain, which means packing coats, gloves and hats, all of which can be bulky. Winter days are shorter, so sightseeing opportunities can be limited. There may be different closure times and waking up early is the best way to pack more in.



As one of the two “shoulder seasons”, spring can be an amazing time to visit Europe as the region makes its way out of the freezing winter and before it becomes hot in the summer. Flying and staying in Europe will be cheaper than the peak tourist season of summer as well, which means fewer tourists to compete with. There could also be unique cultural events to experience during Spring time.


While the weather is certainly improved from winter, much of Europe sees a healthy does of rainfall during the Spring, which can dampen the feeling of your time overseas. Much of the sightseeing in Europe is outdoors, so standing and walking in the rain might be for you. Make sure to bring waterproof clothing and shoes if you decide on a Spring trip.



Traveling to Europe in the summer months is without doubt the best time of the year to visit as far as the weather is concerned, especially in northern Europe, where the temperatures can be quite cold in the winter and spring. In the UK, you have the best shot at avoiding rain and the temperatures throughout Europe are ideal for walking around and sightseeing.


Because the weather is so perfect for travel, it means everybody wants to visit Europe during the summer, especially when you consider most Americans save their vacation time for the summer months. You’ll stand in plenty of lines and it could make the trip more stressful and certainly the most expensive.



For southern European countries such as Spain, Italy and Greece, the second “shoulder season” can actually be the most pleasant time of year to visit because the temperatures are mild as southern Europe can be quite hot in the summer. Just like here, the leaves change colors, the light in the morning and evening is soft and beautiful, which can be an excellent backdrop for the historic sightseeing throughout the continent. Prices start to drop as you leave prime tourist season and there are festival opportunities such as Oktoberfest in Germany.


Depending on where you go, and when in the fall you plan your trip, the weather begins to get colder and rainier. Some business and tourist destinations may have shorter hours, so it’s important to do some research before booking your trip. If you’re looking to come back home with a tan, fall probably isn’t the season to visit Europe for you.

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