Who We Are

April’s first experience traveling abroad was for an antique furniture buying trip in Belgium with her father. Far from the traditional overseas journey, she quickly gained an appreciation for traveling with purpose. She went on to study advertising and public relations in Europe while in college and enjoyed it so much she went back a few years later to take an eye opening course on social media.

Cultivating new experiences and making connections with people all over the world are what drive April’s lust for travel. She loves to immerse herself in the local community wherever adventure takes her - A summer living in Italy, deep sea fishing in Mexico, sailing the Greek Islands. Her love for authentic and intimate travel has motivated her to create a community that inspires conscious, informed and purposeful travel.

After studying Spanish abroad in both Costa Rica and Guatemala, Jake graduated college addicted to the authentic travel experience. With a degree in Business Administration, he moved to Nicaragua where he spent two years as a Small Business Development volunteer for the Peace Corps. During his service he realized that he loves immersing himself in new places and cultures.

When he finished his service in the Peace Corps, Jake continued to travel the world. His adventures have taken him far and wide - sailing through the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, cheersing locals on a beer tour of Europe and exploring native communities deep in the Amazon Rainforest. His passion for responsible and purposeful travel has inspired him to motivate others to set off on their own adventures, whatever they may be.